BROOD Magazine Speaks to Sarah Jayne Dunn About Outdoor Living for Family Life

In a recent interview, BROOD Magazine delves into the essence of family, recreation, and outdoor luxury with Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jon Smith, exploring how LuxSol pergolas at The Padel Club are transforming the family experience.


The Hub for Family Fun, Fitness and Well-being

Drawn to The Padel Club by its unique offerings, Sarah Jayne and Jon found more than just a sports destination. LuxSol and The Padel Club partnership promotes physical and mental well-being, offering an escape and fostering a sense of community encouraging families to spend quality time outdoors.

playing tennis

Outdoor Living: A Lifestyle Revolution

For family home-life, Sarah Jayne and Jon provide insight into how their LuxSol pergola and Olympian Outdoor Room have become a sanctuary, enriching their lifestyle and well-being.

people under a pergola at a sports club

A Perfect Partnership for Outdoor Excellence 

LuxSol and The Padel Club joined forces to redefine outdoor luxury and recreational experiences. The partnership seamlessly integrates three of LuxSol’s bespoke pergolas into the vibrant atmosphere of The Padel Club, enhancing the space for players and visitors alike.

This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to creating family-friendly environments that promote well-being, community, and the joy of outdoor living.

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Juggling Dreams and Parenthood

BROOD Magazine is for busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are parents chasing dreams amidst daily challenges. It caters to those transitioning from the school run to work mode, using every kid-free moment to achieve goals. With a focus on style and maintaining a sense of self amid the challenges of daily life, BROOD speaks to those juggling multiple roles, exercise and time-out, offering insights into achieving balance in the modern world.

Explore the full article in BROOD Magazine, available for purchase online or in-store at WHSmiths and Waitrose.


LuxSol Official Distributor

Olympian Garden Buildings is a Cheshire based family-run company with 39 years of experience in crafting high-quality outdoor structures.

If you’re interested in exploring the range of LuxSol pergolas and other outdoor garden buildings, make a visit to their Cheshire Showroom and factory where they design and manufacture all buildings, located in Sandbach, CW11 3JA.


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Main Image: Sarah Jayne Dunn and Jon Smith with Kris Ball, CEO at The Padel Club &  Nick Williams, CEO at Olympian Garden Buildings, on court at The Padel Club.

Image Credit: @tompitfieldphotography

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